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PA Permit:

 You need to get your valid PA permit; go to the DMV website and get a Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual online. Read the manual and study the sample questions after each chapter in the manual. Also, sign up for the 30 hour PA Department of Education approved course ($99.95 Fee, subject to change). The link for the course is found in the left side of this page. Note: you do not have to sign-up for the course to get your permit but this course will definitely help you pass the permit test and must be completed to get your license at Red Lion Area Senior High School.

There are FREE practice permit tests the link is also on the left side of this page. Once you have studied the PA Manual information and you are 16 years old, go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) located on Queen St. in York. DMV hours of operation: 8:30am-4:15pm Tuesday-Saturday, and take the permit test. No appointment is necessary for the permit test. You must get 15 questions correct out of 18 questions to pass the test.


Already have your permit?  ****Note: due to large numbers of students participating

                                                                in our program please call us shortly after getting your                                                                        permit to get on our driving schedule!

PA License, Insurance Discount, Early Senior License:

Once you have your valid PA permit and are not 18 years old, you need to start driving to get 65 hours of experience, (10 hours at night and 5 hours during inclement weather). Anytime during your practice driving, go to the website and sign up for the 30 hour PA Department of Education approved course ($99.95 Fee, subject to change). Note: you do not have to complete this course to sign-up for the behind- the -wheel training but this course must be completed to get your license at Red Lion Area Senior High School. You may take the 6 hour behind-the wheel training anytime during the practice driving phase. To sign-up: Call Doug Truscott (717) 887-8182 or go to and go to the sign-up tab (be sure to send an email along with the parent/student information document). We will then call to schedule you for your 6 hours of behind-the wheel training. We typically go for 3, 2 hour sessions; however this is flexible to suit your schedule. You will be issued a certificate of completion after the 6 hours of training for insurance discount purposes.

Doug Truscott Driving School, LLC is recognized as an “independent contractor” by the Red Lion Area School District. This enables us to administer the Pennsylvania Driver’s Test to Red Lion Area Senior High School students. Students are tested on a PENNDOT approved course that begins and ends at the Red Lion Area Senior High School.

  In order for us to give the test and award a Pennsylvania license the following MUST be COMPLETED:


 1. Certificate showing successful completion of a PA Department of Education approved 30 hour classroom/online course.


 2. 5/12 hours of behind-the-wheel training (note: the test will be given the last half hour of the 6 hour training). Any student who signs-up for the 6 hour behind-the-wheel training prior to their test eligibility date (6 months from permit issue), will drive for 5 hours and the last hour will be reserved for a ½ hour review and the Driver’s Test. 


3. A valid PA Permit for 6 months (if not 18 years old).


4. A NOTARIZED DL-180 C (Parent/Guardian Certification form, attached with this information booklet), if not 18 years old. NOTE: This form does not need to be notarized if the parent/guardian signs the form in the presence of the testing instructor.


If all the above criteria have been met, the driver’s license test will be administered; a student will have 3 attempts to pass the test. If not successful a test will be scheduled at least a week later at no extra charge. If after 3 attempts the student is not successful, we are required to mark the permit as VOID and the student must then go to the DMV and get a permit extension.


If the student successfully passes the test we will stamp their permit. Once the permit is stamped it is a valid driver’s license for 120 days. We will fax the results to PENNDOT and within 2 weeks you should receive a camera card by mail. You should then take the camera card to PENNDOT (no appointment necessary) and have your photo taken and you will receive a regular PA driver’s license.


  • After completing the above process, the student will have all the necessary items (certificate of classroom completion and certificate of behind-the-wheel training) to qualify for the insurance discount. Be sure to contact your insurance carrier for instructions on how to institute your discount.


  • After completing the above process, the student, after having their license for one year and being accident/moving violation free qualifies for the senior license prior to their 18th birthday. An application that can be downloaded from the DMV website must be completed and sent to the DMV.



   (Red Lion Area High School Students ONLY)



  • Online Teen Driver Course           $99.95(subject to                                                                        change)

  • Behind the Wheel Training        $315                                                                  

  • Driver’s License Test                    No Charge

  • Returned Check                            $12.00




PA Department of Education approved class










Just click the BUTTON below on the topic you want to practice!

Please note: Red Lion Area High School does NOT accept this course for high school credit.

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