Behind-the-Wheel Instruction

Generally, instruction is broken down into three, 2 hour sessions. There is fexibility however if your schedule does not allow for this type of schedule.

Lesson 1. 


  • Orientation of vehicle controls

  • Signals

  • Starting from a stop

  • Looking before pulling out from a driveway or stop sign

  • Scanning the environment

  • Tracking the vehicle

  • Country driving

  • Identifying lights, signs,signals, and road markings

  • Judging speed going around a curve

  • Railroad crossings

  • School bus safety

  • In-town driving

  • Making a left into traffic

  • Judging speed and distances of on-coming traffic

  • recognizing when to brake

  • Pedestrian safety

  • Bicycle safety



Lesson 2. 


  • Turnabout (U-turn)

  • Turnabout (3 point turn/K turn)

  • Steering-backing (reverse)

  • Parallel parking

  • Up hill/down hill parking

  • Angle parking

  • Perpendicular parking

Lesson 3. 


  • Expressway driving

  • Entering/exiting limited access highway

  • Selecting a sufficient gap to enter traffic

  • Lane changing

  • Off-road recovery

  • Evasive actions

  • Proper spacing

  • Driving in the rain/snow/fog

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